The Wedding Of Big Business And Government

The conservative message in WALL-E is the dangers of monopolies and the blurring of the line between government and corporations. Into the breach of government failure to monitor the bottom line, and corporate ability to provide real solutions to problems, comes Buy N Large. From the BnL World News in the Politics category:

The controversy started 36 months ago when BnL moved to incorporate local government into its municipal portfolio. Anti-consumer groups reacted strongly, but were appeased temporarily with the gift of 35 brand-new sports cars.

Mr. Fu awaits the premiere of the Wayland-Yutani and Blue Sun corporate web sites. Additional ideas from BnL:

Buy n Large plans to focus its efforts on thsi hard-to-reach niche market later this year, with aggressive ad campagins and even a new line of clothing-all of which has been designed to please anarchist sensibiliities.

“We are thinking uniform, drab grays and blacks for the clothing lines. We hope to inspire feelings of comradeship, sharing, and unity, all at a reduced price,” said McRogain.

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