Morning Chuckle, Pathetic Association, Ray of Hope

So Mr. Fu cranks up the personalized iGoogle page, with the links to Digg. A link to “135 Famous People Who Struggled With Depression” appears, okay interesting. Then the BustedTees ad appears, funny and somehow cruel.

Looking over the list, Colin Farrell, actor in Alexander, well duh, considering that the movie bombed as bad as Hiroshima without going nuclear, who would not be depressed. And Janeane Garofalo?  Oh the picture!?!?!?  Mr. Fu disagrees with her politics, but she was cute in The Matchmaker and Mystery Men.  What the heck happened to her?  This is a tremendous warning against modern liberalism!  Women, pay attention!

Depression is a serious condition.  One problem with this list and one praise though.  The problem is the inclusion of mass murders, though perhaps it does point out the depths one can reach while depressed.  But on the positive side this list shows many accomplished people who suffer or suffered from depression.  Some had tragic endings, but many, many of these individuals made such a positive impact on the world.  Depression is serious, but treatable, and it does not have to be the only noteworthy thing in your life.


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