A Lawyer To Like

Kurt Denke, the president of Blue Jeans Cable responds to a cease and desist by Monster Cable.  The result is one of the most enlightening and humorous bit of legalese it has ever been Mr. Fu’s pleasure to read.  This is how you respond to a legal bully:

It may be that my inability to see the pragmatic value of settling frivolous claims is a deep character flaw, and I am sure a few of the insurance carriers for whom I have done work have seen it that way; but it is how I have done business for the last quarter-century and you are not going to change my mind.  If you sue me, the case will go to judgment, and I will hold the court’s attention upon the merits of your claims–or, to speak more precisely, the absence of merit from your claims–from start to finish.  Not only am I unintimidated by litigation; I sometimes rather miss it.

Mr. Fu suggests you shop at Blue Jeans Cable just to support free enterprise and fair dealing.


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