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More Non-News From The Pentagon

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Finally, Someone To Vote For

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McCain Provably Worse Then Bush As President

Farah got Mr. Fu thinking:  Since McCain fundamentally opposed President Bush on the few good things that Bush has done as President (tax cuts, Supreme Court appointments,  terrorist interrogations), how could he possibly be a better President?  Do we really need a Republican President that is worse than Bush?  Do we really need a Republican President that the already spineless Republican Senators (with notable exceptions like Senator Sessions) will fail to oppose when needed?

Mr. Fu wonders if giving Bush a second term was better then a one term Kerry presidency with Republican majorities in the House and Senate (which would likely have strengthened in 2006 rather than weakened).  Mr. Fu has grown weary of voting against Democrats.  He would prefer to vote for a Republican for once in a Presidential campaign in the last fifteen years or so.

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That’s Strange

Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.
Sir Arthur Eddington

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Welcome, David Mamet!

David Mamet (The David Mamet? Yes, the David Mamet. The David Mamet that wrote Glengarry Glen Ross? Yes, that David Mamet.  The David Mamet with the distinct dialogue style?  Yes, the distinctive David Mamet of that style.) wrote a really interesting piece on his awakening that should be required reading on the right and the left.

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More Judges Like This Please

Firehand links to an interesting judgment in a lawsuit against a homeowner who shot a scuzbucket intruder in his home.  BTW the negligence claim is an attempt to get at the homeowner’s insurance.  Never claim negligence in a righteous shoot, the intruder made you shoot him in order to stop the intruder from inflicting grave bodily harm or death on the innocent.  Disclaimer, Mr. Fu is no lawyer, and this is totally amateur legal advice.

Always tell the truth in these situations.  Do not alter the crime scene.  Do not be lead by any questioning.  When the police arrive they would much rather find the intruder (who probably has a criminal record) in a pool of blood than the innocent homeowner.  But if you lie about it, or alter the scene, they will discover this, and then a righteous shoot becomes an investigation of someone willing to lie to the police or to criminally alter a crime scene.  Never listen to those who advise you drag the perp inside, or put a weapon in the perp’s hand.  It is unnecessary and dangerous to you.

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That Is Pretty Close

What do you think?

I am a: Glock Model 22 in 40 cal
Firearms Training
What kind of handgun are YOU?

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Scissors Beats Paper

Indeed, thanks Firehand!

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So the equations used by so many to predict global disaster are wrong? Mr. Fu is so surprised, NOT!

UPDATE: Boundary conditions are the bitch that gets you every time.

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Your Children Are Not Your Own

Until they screw up and the government hits you for the bill.  But in Tennessee they are considering whether or not a child’s parents should have any say in testing the child for mental conditions.  That such an idea is even voiced, let alone considered, anywhere in the United States is a tragedy.  Parents are responsible for their children and therefore should have full authority over them, until they prove themselves a danger to their offspring or others.  We may be closer to the gulag than we think.

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A Third Problem With A $1,000 Hooker

As Spitzer is finding out, it might cost a lot more than $1,000.  Though this may not be a third problem, but an expansion on the second.

And what are the first two problems with a $1,000 hooker?

1.  A thousand dollars is a lot of money.

2.  You just might find out it was worth it.

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Governator’s Surprise Response

Arnold steps up to the plate in defense of home schooling:

“Every California child deserves a quality education and parents should have the right to decide what’s best for their children. Parents should not be penalized for acting in the best interests of their children’s education. This outrageous ruling must be overturned by the courts and if the courts don’t protect parents’ rights then, as elected officials, we will.”

Good for you, sir! We need to hold the line against this creeping communism. This is not Cuba, and why anyone would want it to be, in regards to politics, health care, or whatever, puzzles Mr. Fu. Those seeking these communist solutions ignore the history of that failed ideology and the whole concept of America.

The preceeding was prompted by a SLAPSHOT link.  SLAPSHOT, the name in Commie Bitch Slapping Fun.

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Golf Clap….

To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it.
GK Chesterton

Liberty, not license.

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Unexpected Surprise!

In a followup to Surprise! FOGHORN links to an article about how a California appellate court has ruled that parents without credentials cannot legally home-school their children:

“Parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children,” wrote Justice H. Walter Croskey in a Feb. 28 opinion signed by the two other members of the district court. “Parents who fail to [comply with school enrollment laws] may be subject to a criminal complaint against them, found guilty of an infraction, and subject to imposition of fines or an order to complete a parent education and counseling program.”

This is a bit troubling, in an understated British sort of way.  As FOGHORN says:

And I know it’s a leap of logic, but: if you don’t have the constitutional right to home school your kids, I wonder if you have the constitution right to raise them at all. You might be doing it all wrong, you know. I’m guessing you lack credentials at that, too.

“Service to the State!”

Mr. Fu finds it interesting that this ruling demands that in California your children must be educated by the state.  A parent could always get the proper credentials you say?  And who hands out the credentials?  The state.  Hence, the state is the only place from which you derive any means of educating your children.

That tearing sound you hear is the US Constitution.  Once the State has control of the education of a big enough chunk of the populous, then the State will be the State in whatever form the State decides in which to maintain itself.

As one concerned parent stated:

“If I can’t home school my son in California, we’re going to have to end up leaving California. That’s how important it is to me.”

That will work until they make this a Federal law.  Coming to an oppressive government near you.

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Seared Bovine Flesh

Mr. Fu had gone off the frozen Angus burgers available at Sam’s Club.  But last night we grilled up some and they were very tasty.  Highly recommended for fast meal preparation for large groups.

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Where Have I Gone Wrong?

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, “Where have I gone wrong?”/ Then a voice says to me, “This is going to take more than one night.”
Charles M. Schulz

Amen, brother!

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Hope For America

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No, that is not it. That should probably read “Expect!” In this case co-blogger SLAPSHOT stealthfully sends a link to this article where some in California are pushing to allow the teaching of Communism and allow those advocating the violent overthrow of the US government into California schools.

Mr. Fu was wondering where next Communism would raise it’s ugly head. He is still waiting for the next time because Communism raised it’s ugly head in California a long time ago.

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Creator Of An Excuse For Wasted Time Dies

But oh what fun we had wasting that time! Gary Gygax dead at 69. Mr. Fu loved his attitude as written in the introduction to the AD&D Player’s Handbook. And Mr. Fu hated it everywhere else because Gygax seemed to have lost the vision he had set forth in that brief piece. He is credited with helping to found one of the greatest and most controversial pastimes in history since the creation of gosling and cat juggling.

COL. BOOM first informed Mr. Fu about this, which has Mr. Fu a bit puzzled.

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