Your Friendly Bureaucrat Medical Expert

The kind of interesting mistakes that bureaucrats make, with the killer line:

A vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is a vote to put these people in charge of your health care.

It reminds Mr. Fu of an exchange he once had with a Federal bureaucrat:

Mr. Fu:  So you are telling Mr. Fu you will not provide Mr. Fu the information to which Mr. Fu is legally entitled.  What if Mr. Fu obtained a court order, would he get the informationthen?

Bureaucrat:  No, not even with a court order.

Mr. Fu:  Did Mr. Fu wake up in Soviet Russia this morning?  Are you seriously telling Mr. Fu that you will disobey a court order?   Mr. Fu needs to speak to your supervisor immediately.

Fortunately the Bureaucrat’s supervisor was far more law abiding, diplomatic, and helpful.  Now imagine this sort of exchange when you need to get some medical treatment.

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