Will McCain Lock Her Up?

Casey Knowles speaks out against the 3 AM Hillary ad in which she is the little girl in bed, supposedly taken from stock footage.  She specifically endorses Barack Obama.  Is she in violation of McCain-Feingold for a political ad within 30 days of a primary?  It would be interesting if McCain had passed a law that gets a pre-teenage girl arrested on behalf of Hillary.  Now if he would just make all of Bill’s bimbos go away Hillary would probably make McCain her running mate in November.

As far as Casey’s opinion goes, when should we start caring about the political opinion of a twelve year old?  She, or at least her parents, were paid for the footage, and signed away any further rights in its regard.  Does the fact that a child actor bites the hand that fed her constitute any reason why her opinion on the subject matters?  Perhaps if the footage used use in some exploitative fashion she might have a point, but is not like we were all saying, “Hey look!  It is Casey Knowles!  Has she abandoned her support for Barack in favor of Hillary now?”

Why is Mr. Fu even writing this?  Dang, he must be bored of the political process.  Perhaps like Barack’s grandmother he is a typical white person or something.  Perhaps Barack harboring some stereotypes of his own?

To use another’s paraphrase of Princess Leia, “Help us Zombie Reagan, you’re our only hope!

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