More Judges Like This Please

Firehand links to an interesting judgment in a lawsuit against a homeowner who shot a scuzbucket intruder in his home.  BTW the negligence claim is an attempt to get at the homeowner’s insurance.  Never claim negligence in a righteous shoot, the intruder made you shoot him in order to stop the intruder from inflicting grave bodily harm or death on the innocent.  Disclaimer, Mr. Fu is no lawyer, and this is totally amateur legal advice.

Always tell the truth in these situations.  Do not alter the crime scene.  Do not be lead by any questioning.  When the police arrive they would much rather find the intruder (who probably has a criminal record) in a pool of blood than the innocent homeowner.  But if you lie about it, or alter the scene, they will discover this, and then a righteous shoot becomes an investigation of someone willing to lie to the police or to criminally alter a crime scene.  Never listen to those who advise you drag the perp inside, or put a weapon in the perp’s hand.  It is unnecessary and dangerous to you.


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