Terrorists, Fellow Travelers With The Leftists

Near co-blogger SLAPSHOT fires yet another juicy article our way.  This time the so called “Palestinians” talk freely about their plans and issues.  While the Leftist collectivist world seems to embrace the Arab “Palestinian” Muslim cause, they ignore the terrorists intend on destroying everything the Left claims to hold dear.  Which, of course, means that the Left does not hold it dear or really believe in any of their cherished sentiments, it is just their chosen path to power.

Some beautiful highlights from the article:

The Arab Palestinian leaders with whom Klein spoke are very candid about their dreams not only to wipe out Israel, but to establish a worldwide caliphate.

That should be a ton of laughs.  Imagine for as much trouble of insurgents in Iraq have given us, how much trouble will our country brethren be giving Muslim leaders in America?  Of course, I doubt they would hold back on using nuclear weapons like we do.  But still, your average highly trained Arab soldier is going to have as much chance of standing up to your average American sportsman as a kerosene cat in hell with gasoline drawers on.

A deputy commander of Fatah’s al Aqsa Martyrs Bridade, Nasser Abu Azziz, explained to Klein that when sharia law is imposed in Western countries, “these sick people [homosexuals] will be treated in a very tough way,” explaining that the Islamic leadership will “prevent social and physical diseases like homosexuality.”

And the Leftists support this?  Call San Francisco!

The failure of western women to conform to Islamic standards of dress will reap harsh responses including, if necessary, torture.

Perhaps waterboarding?

Tamimi lectured Klein that “there is no Jewish historic connection whatsoever to the Temple Mount or Jerusalem,” and that the “Jews came to the [Temple area] in 1967 and not before.”

That will come as a shock to Abraham.

When asked about the source for the promise of the 72 virgins, Ala Senakhreh, West Bank chief of Fatah’s Martyrs Brigade, insisted such a promise was made in the Koran. When pressed about where exactly that promise could be located, neither Senakhreh nor any of his dozen henchmen clerics present could find such a passage. After much anxious searching, the Sheik became increasing hostile and Klein quickly left. He had apparently discovered the point at which the terrorists’ hospitality collided with their refusal to be questioned closely about their ideological weapons.

Hmmm, no virgins!   Where will the next bout of terrorist jokes come from?


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