Pythons in America!

Citizens of the Southern United States, this could happen to you! Pythons to attack the South?!?!?!?!

Mr. Fu did not even bother to go to the article, the Digg comments were too hilarious. Highlights:

by roadtripper 59 minutes ago

I, for one, welcome our new python overlords.

by nirav72 49 minutes agoYou won’t be welcoming them once you find one or two crawling in your backyard one morning. Seriously, the thought of them out in the wild here in north america makes me shiver. Why does it have to be snakes?

by shcforward 56 minutes ago

Well, that is if they don’t get driven out by all the killer bees.
Let me know when they adapt to being smacked with a machete. Until then this “Pythons could over run the country” story is nonsense.
Or not!
The southern part of th country has too many natural preditors!
[Mr. Fu says: Like the Ford F-150 and the Remington 12 gauge]
Highly adaptable means you come home to the kitchen one day and see python getting ready to load up a stew
[The Obligatory Samuel L. Jackson Tribute]
I want these m*f*ing snakes off my m*f*ing plains.
In other news, today monkeys are flying out of Al Gores butt. Both are equally liable to happen.

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