Dihydrogen Monoxide, Dihydrogen Monoxide Everywhere

And nor a drop to drink.  The Fu Family experienced a massive accidental dihydrogen monoxide release from the pressurized dihydrogen monoxide solvent / coolant system.  As a result we had approximately 1,100 square feet of the first floor covered in some amount of the potentially fatal substance.  Resultant losses were small number of household items, 170 square feet of carpeting and carpet backing (that stuff absorbs fluids like crazy), 190 or so square feet of engineered hardwood flooring, and a lot of time.

Mr. Fu highly recommends the Shop-Vac series of Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners.  Mr. Fu’s four gallon model tackled most of the flood, with numerous dumpings out the back door.

So now it is on to installation of ceramic tile, and perhaps some sort of sump or drain system.  Mr. Fu painted the master bedroom as most everything was removed and we were going to paint anyway.  Might as well paint while there is no floor covering to ruin with paint.

That was Mr. Fu’s weekend.  He is happy to return to his day job for a well deserved rest.


  1. chiefcuban said

    Oh My God! Are Ya’ll O.K.?

  2. wilsonfu said

    Heh, yes, just a bit soggy.

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