Googling Commies

FOGHORN sent Mr. Fu on a chase.  Mr. Fu was catching up on FOGHORN‘s latest exploits, when he mentioned a college buddy, Wandy.  Wandy had apparently interrupted a lecture by Angela Davis to criticize her support of the Soviet Union.  And what good American would not criticize support for the Soviet Union?

Anyway, the history of Angela Davis was a hole in Mr. Fu’s memory.  Mr. Fu was not quite so in to politics in the late sixties, early seventies.  His only view on politics was wanting his brothers to come back from Vietnam (not that missed Mr. Fu opposed the war, he was just smaller than he is now and missed his brothers).   So Mr. Fu ended up Googling Angela Davis.

Apparently Wandy was in good company criticizing Ms. Davis:

Russian dissident and Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn criticized Davis’s sympathy for the Soviet Union in a speech he delivered to the AFL-CIO on July 9, 1975 in New York City, pointing out hypocrisy in her attitude toward prisoners under Communist governments. According to Solzhenitsyn, a group of Czech dissidents “addressed an appeal to her: `Comrade Davis, you were in prison. You know how unpleasant it is to sit in prison, especially when you consider yourself innocent. You have such great authority now. Could you help our Czech prisoners? Could you stand up for those people in Czechoslovakia who are being persecuted by the state?’ Angela Davis answered: ‘They deserve what they get. Let them remain in prison.’”[8]

She lived for a while in Cuba and thinks things there are great:

Davis points to Cuba as an example of a country which successfully addresses social and economic problems.

It appears that Ms. Davis has not suffered for her dim-witted views of oppressive Communist regimes, in fact, she seems quite celebrated in certain circles:

She is currently the Presidential Chair and Professor with the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz and director of the Feminist Studies department.[4]

Avowed Communists basically running institutes of higher learning, heh, no wonder.  Another no wonder is that Congress wants to investigate these same institutions for not spending enough of their endowments, rather than investigate why these institutions are being run by archaic headline grabbers supporting failed socio-economic systems.


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