A Slow Down

The morning brings far fewer posts on how principled conservatives that will refuse to vote for a RINO are dooming the Republic.  If anything we doomed the Republic when we re-elected George W. Bush in 2004, at least we likely would have kept the House and Senate in 2006.  With Bush at least we hoped for three things in a second term: 1) dead terrorists, 2) lower taxes, 3) conservative judges.  His second term has been good on 1 and iffy on 2 and 3 (and Mr. Fu notes on 3 that he did not do more to hammer the Democrats on the issue of recess appointments and Harriet Miers).  Now we are told that with McCain 1) dead terrorists, and 3) conservative judges.  How will his performance on these really be?

Frankly we lost it when we did not severely punish the Senate Republicans that refused to back the House Republicans during the the Clinton impeachment trial.   That was the ultimate word that we had too many linguine spined Republican Senators that needed retirement.  That lead to the fiasco of power sharing in the Senate in 2001, and further decline.  Republicans lost control in 2006 because when they had the chance to really make a difference, having control of both houses and the White House, they did very little to promote Republican values, and even less to promote conservative values.

If they had worked to stuff the centralized government djinni back into the Federalism bottle then, we would have far less to worry about from an impending Clinton or Obama Administration.


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