Supposed To Be Adults

Mr. Fu thought they were supposed to have a brain.  Roger Kimball is usually pretty good, but this time he joins the yammering crowd of inevitability and electability:

In the meantime, I wish conservatives, who are supposed to be the adults in the political game, would grow up and acknowledge that John McCain would be a far less frightening occupant of the Oval Office than a naive, left-wing utopian or a thoroughly ruthless ideologue who will stop at nothing in her quest for power.

And Mr. Fu wishes that the self-proclaimed adults would STFU about how conservatives, who are supposed to be the moral and principled members of the political game, should throw all principles out the window and vote for a Democrat in Republican Clothing because he will somehow, in spite of all his efforts at furthering big oppressive, silencing, make-everyfreaking- moron-a-US-citizen government, be less damaging to the Republic than a President that Republicans would actually oppose. Has there ever been an effort on the part of the Republican Party to rein in McCain’s anti-Republican excesses?

The only difference between Mark Foley, Duke Cunningham, and John McCain is that as far as we know Mark Foley’s only corruption was to proposition male pages and that Cunningham actually owned-up to his moeny-grabbing corruption. Why should McCain get a by on the Keating scandal and his pushing to silence Americans during an election just because he has an R by his name?


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