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More Evidence of Global Warming

It snowed in Baghdad.  Isn’t that the result of one of the Seals being broken?

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Beekeeper Dies at 88

He also climbed a mountain or something.  Funny how someone of fairly average background can with a single act be thrust upon the stage.  It is nice to reflect on this happening in a good way, rather than a bad one.  Mr. Fu supposes that Hemingway would call him a true sportsman.

Farewell, Sir Edmund, God speed!

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Good Fathers

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Jimmy Carter Could Finally Do Something About Iran

How about firing the first shot on the Iranians if they get frisky again?  Mr. Fu really does not expect former President Jimmy Carter to do the shooting, but the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter could.

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Amen Brother…

“The illusion which exalts us is dearer to us than ten-thousand truths.” — Aleksandr Pushkin

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A Motto To Live By

Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc!

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It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Blah, blah, blah, expect more of the same worthless programs from Washington D.C. to try to stave off a recession.  But do not expect too much from these standard responses.  Even Vincent Reinhart, a former Federal Reserve economist, now a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, is pessimistic about how quickly these programs would work:

“Anything that’s done will not have a material impact on this quarter.”

Do not listen to these chowder heads.  There is a way to stave off the recession, increase the buying power of the lower and middle income classes, and generally make things better.  But do not think the Beltway crowd will ever consider the two simple logical steps to make this happen:

1.  Pass comprehensive reform to allow massive off shore drilling and development of ANWR.

2.  End the subsidies for ethanol and similar crap.

Enacting #1 would immediately drop the price of oil from the $100 per barrel range.  Make the damn scuz-buckets at OPEC compete for the money.  They have a virtual monopoly on oil and they are setting the price this high.  American production of oil, even the threat of it would drop prices at the pump, boosting the spending power of the lower and middle income classes.

Acting on #2 would drop grain and food prices back down.  Notice how much a gallon of milk costs these days?

But please do not expect any help from the government,  the pressure you feel on your neck is their boot squeezing the life out of you.  And they like it that way.  It gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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What the Heck?

DIM MAK?  Mr. Fu has issued a holy fire support request.  Where is the holy fire?

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While We Are At It

DIM MAK!  Send holy fire onto them!

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Don’t know what they are thinking in Japan, but some store is selling rice bags with pictures of babies faces on them to send to relatives and the like. I guess it might be a Japanese thing that gaijin (and tengu like Mr. Fu and DIM MAK) cannot understand.

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How Long Do We Tolerate This BS?

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Stalking FOGHORN To The Buzz.MN

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Hoping You Understand This

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Heh, Iowa Garners Far Too Much Attention

For its own good.  Like this, VodkaPundit via Instapundit.

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Just So You Know

Iowa has some fine people in it and from it.  Mostly they are fine, when they are not Left leaning and trying to sell us down the road to serfdom.  But some of those fine people included Mr. Fu’s kinfolk, among others.  But growing up in Nebraska we had a joke:

Q: Why do all the trees in Nebraska lean to the east?

A: ‘Cause Iowa sucks!

We love Iowa, but only because it is so much like Nebraska (well, not the sandhills).  But it is family rivalry.  Nebraskans can speak bad about Iowa, but nobody else better.  We won’t even mention Wyoming, where the non-flatlanders live.

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More On The Importance Of Iowa

Don Surber explains the importance of Iowa in elected Presidents (link found on Instapundit, who is, by the way, the man).

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Summed Up Nicely

Kim du Toit sums up Mr. Fu’s opinion on the Iowa business quite well.

Regarding farm subsidies: look, any business where you get to write of cat food for the family cats as a business expense is suspicious.  Let any business with multi-million dollar worth pay taxes on only $10,000 adjusted income and you will have issues.  Let ’em compete in an open market.  Frankly, America’s farmers are tough, resourceful, and business savvy.  They would not have survived to this point if they weren’t.  So drop the subsidies, let them compete, and they will end up making more money, even if they don’t see it that way just now.

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From Art History Majors To Aliens

Vegas has something for everyone!  And FOGHORN shows us:

The Venetian, build on the grave of the old Sands, is one a cut above, at least in its pretensions. It’s like a Disneyland theme park for art-history majors.

Mr. Fu found the architecture in Vegas to be the thing that fascinated him most.  The Venetian and Caesar’s Palace have gone all out in decor.  Apart from the decor, certain places had an atmosphere that was not so inviting.  The Flamingo and the Mirage were mired in a Vegas so distant as to seem disconnected from the march of time.  The Riviera is completely lost in time and reminded one of the alternate gambling establishment that Cousin Eddie takes Clark to recoup his losses in National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation.

Vegas is fun, just don’t leave your money there.

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Your Inner Terrorist

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