Here’s An Idea

Okay, they are refitting mothballed F-4 Phantoms (still one of Mr. Fu’s favorite aircraft) as remote controlled drones.  But then they added a bit where the thing shoots an air-to-surface missile as part of an exercise.  Why not re-fit a whole bunch of these, throw in the broken F-15’s that they are probably going to scrap, and make some high powered Wild Weasel UAV’s?  If we have junked this stuff anyway, can refurbish them for cheap, and we can get Iran or whoever to light off a bunch of SAMs at them, they might be really cost effective money wasters for our enemies.  Heck, use them as part of a flight of aircraft in with some F-22’s.  The bandits think they can pounce on a lone aircraft, and BAM instant stealth aircraft victims!

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