Go For It

Alaska (663,267 square miles) is slightly larger than the combinated land area of the next three largest states: Texas (268,581 sq. mi.), California (163,696 sq. mi.), and Montana (147,042) sq. mi.; plus Idaho (83,570 sq. mi.) (those total 662, 889 sq. mi., look at the dang picture in the link!). So why is anyone bitching about drilling on 2,000 acres of land in the most forsaken Alaskan wilderness area in the United States of America?

Mr. Fu is amused at some of the data presented here:

Government geologists say ANWR could hold up to 16 billion barrels of recoverable oil. That’s 30 years’ of imports from Saudi Arabia. Turned into gasoline, it would power California’s vehicle fleet for 50 years, and hybrid and fuel cell cars would stretch the oil even further. ANWR’s natural gas could fuel California’s electrical generating plants for years.

At $50 a barrel, ANWR could save the US from having to import $800 billion worth of foreign oil, create up to 700,000 American jobs, and generate hundreds of billions in royalties and taxes.


In Wisconsin, anti-oil groups support building 133 gigantic Cuisinarts on 32,000 acres (16 times the ANWR operations area) near Horicon Marsh. This magnificent wetland is home to millions of geese, ducks and other migratory birds, and just miles from an abandoned mine that houses 140,000 bats. At 390 feet in height, the turbines tower over the Statue of Liberty (305 feet), US capitol (287 feet) and Arctic oil production facilities (50 feet).

Heh, gigantic Cuisinarts indeed!

Just announcing the USA would start drilling in ANWR and off shore would cause oil prices to plummet.  All those that argued that buying oil was supporting terrorism should be in favor of domestic drilling.  Of course they are not in favor of such measures, just as they are not that concerned about really stopping terrorists.

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