It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Blah, blah, blah, expect more of the same worthless programs from Washington D.C. to try to stave off a recession.  But do not expect too much from these standard responses.  Even Vincent Reinhart, a former Federal Reserve economist, now a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, is pessimistic about how quickly these programs would work:

“Anything that’s done will not have a material impact on this quarter.”

Do not listen to these chowder heads.  There is a way to stave off the recession, increase the buying power of the lower and middle income classes, and generally make things better.  But do not think the Beltway crowd will ever consider the two simple logical steps to make this happen:

1.  Pass comprehensive reform to allow massive off shore drilling and development of ANWR.

2.  End the subsidies for ethanol and similar crap.

Enacting #1 would immediately drop the price of oil from the $100 per barrel range.  Make the damn scuz-buckets at OPEC compete for the money.  They have a virtual monopoly on oil and they are setting the price this high.  American production of oil, even the threat of it would drop prices at the pump, boosting the spending power of the lower and middle income classes.

Acting on #2 would drop grain and food prices back down.  Notice how much a gallon of milk costs these days?

But please do not expect any help from the government,  the pressure you feel on your neck is their boot squeezing the life out of you.  And they like it that way.  It gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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