Stalking FOGHORN To The Buzz.MN

Heh, FOGHORN is funny over there too:

You’d think it would be cheaper, but when you factor in the high price of corn feed, milk gets pricey. Good thing the dinosaurs from whom oil is derived didn’t subsist on contracts for corn futures, or oil would be $1,305.9 per gallon.

Imagine if we ran our cars on milk and put gas on our cereal: people would be shrieking, and not only because the cereal would taste bloody awful. Legislators would demand that we find a way to wean ourselves off Wisconsin milk. Never mind the issue of lactose independence; there’s the matter of pouring lactodollars into a state that openly funds the Packers.

This ethanol crap has got to go.  It is killing poor people around the world, starving them to death with higher food prices.  Doesn’t the ethanol lobby care about people starving to death?


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