Get Busy Living

FOGHORN is most poetic:

All these marvelous paintings in an old hotel lobby in an undistinguished old building in a small city in the middle of the Plains. It makes one wonder what else remains to be discovered, and what losses we’ll never know.

It is in some ways a sad Bleat. But it reminds us to remember to live while you can.

The recent trip to visit family and friends took Mr. Fu by some old places. Many memories, and many good times. Watching CLONE RED experience a large amount of snow made for some great feelings. It is easy to forget that he is growing up in a completely different world from Mr. Fu’s native Nebraska. Though Mr. Fu fears CLONE RED is missing some of the greatness of growing up there. Hopefully some of the wonders of Alabama helps offset any lack in the experience.

As we drove through the state Mr. Fu noted many signs pointed to many towns Mr. Fu has never visited. Mr. Fu remarked on such to COLONEL FU, specifically citing the sign pointing to Bee outside of Seward. The COLONEL said that Bee holds some kind of annual festival. When the COLONEL worked for Volzke in Utica he spend some time drilling irrigation wells. While thus employed he saw quite a few communities in the area around Utica.

THE KAT was noting and photographing some of the more interesting houses we encountered. Mr. Fu was paying attention to the town centers and such. David City had a Runza that looked like it had taken over an old farm implement place and had the drive through passing throught he store front and exiting through the alley. Mr. Fu wonders what was there and is gone in these small communities. “What losses we’ll never know.”

Hopefully the Internet will become a place to preserve those memories of “people and places that went before.” It is also hoped that it will inspire us to keep busy living.

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