Eerie FOGHORN Moment

Reading through FOGHORN’s latest, he writes about the Jack Benny radio show.  He describes several characters from the show, and relating that some of the extras may be familiar.  Mr. Fu read through “since you can hear the fundamental bone structure of every Warner Brothers character in his timbres” and thought, ‘he is going to mention Frank Nelson.’  Sure enough, later FOGHORN links to Frank’s wikipedia entry.

THE KAT and Mr. Fu were discussing Frank Nelson on Saturday after one of his several appearances in I Love Lucy. Very eerie indeed.  Perhaps James has recently joined the overmind and Mr. Fu was not informed?

He also features a Christmas favorite, JinglePixie, including creepy pictures that remind Mr. Fu of the Cymbal Devil Monkey:

Greetings. I would be charmed to play a song for you on my cymbals… in exchange for your IMMORTAL SOUL.

In exchange your immortal soul indeed!  Welcome to the overmind, James….

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