Turning Off of the Road to Serfdom

Roger Kimball has an excellent article on gun control. A commenter, Mike, shows us the real direction to take while the Leftists stride down to slavery:

Mike :

Andrew’s comments pretty well sum up what seem to be the true feelings of many gun control advocates:

“there are a lot of stupid people in America and allowing them to carry a gun will only make them stupider”

This attitude underlies a lot of what currently passes for liberalism: contempt for the actual written constitution, and for a large portion of the American public. along with the shame these elites feel from the unwelcome association citizenship forces on them

“Thanks for making my country look like its full of uncivilized country bumpkins.”

Surely there is more than a suggestion here of eagerness for a technocratic state that would dispense with 18th century legal relics (the 2nd amendment, the electoral college) and relieve these “bumpkins” of their guns, and their remaining political power. Then judges selected from the best law schools could rule us.

But why do these “liberals” assume such an all powerful state, with a monopoly on arms, would always favor them? Maybe they should read some Roman history.

Dec 7, 2007 08:51 AM

Thanks for the summary, Mike! Spot on….

Frankly you gun grabbers should be more concerned about the people driving your way in the opposite lane.  Are you going to ban cars and gasoline too?  Because no one has to break into your house to kill you with a firearm when a couple of gallons of petrol thrown around the perimeter of your house will likely catch you unawares at 4 AM.




  1. jonolan said

    Not me! I have proximity lighting and dogs trained to bark like mad when it turns on. Then the arsonist is going to have to deal with me.

  2. wilsonfu said

    Excellent! A nice layered defense. Now if you just had a moat with indelible dye in it.

  3. jonolan said

    Why bother when I have 12g .00 and 12g. sabot slug?

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