Changes, Always Changes

Mr. Fu was examining some alternate sources for television shows.  Looking through some online links he found AOL TV.  It is a pretty interesting site, you can catch some off the air shows that you either missed, or do not really want to drop money on to get on DVD.

But, they also have a line up of Looney Toons cartoons, and were featuring Foghorn Leghorn.   Mr. Fu always enjoyed Foghorn, and so he popped up a episode, the one where Foghorn is about to starve in the winter, goes to romance Miss Prissy, and the Chicken Hawk’s mother abandons him on Miss Prissy’s doorstep (Strangled Eggs, 1948).  When Foghorn looks in his cupboard and finds it empty he says, “Bare as a cooch dancer’s midriff!”  Later he talks about being “as anxious as a bubble dancer with a slow leak.” These are tropes Mr. Fu never caught as a lad.  But they make the whole thing incredibly fresh.

So change, anyway, given Foghorn’s great capacity to be both funny and generate tropes to beat the band, Mr. Fu was thinking about another funny, trope creating individual.  Jame Lileks, under callsign METAPHOR, has been a constant source of amusement for Mr. Fu for years.  Given that metaphors are not necessarily humorous, but Foghorn and James are, Mr. Lileks will henceforth have the callsign FOGHORN on this site.  METAPHOR sounds a bit impersonal, but FOGHORN captures a spirit that more closely fits the man.

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