High Voltage Clue Machine

Wizbang had this video posted here.  Based on the comments at Wizbang and on YouTube Mr. Fu regards himself as being in minority for thinking that the police officer acted in a controlled, level-headed fashion, and handled the situation about as well as could be done under the circumstances.  Mr. Fu has no idea how Jared Massey was raised to think that he can try to question and attempt to manipulate a law enforcement officer the way he does, but in Mr. Fu’s opinion he deserved at least what he received.  The time for questioning the case is in court.

Anytime a person is stopped by a law enforcement officer on the road, starts arguing, refuses to comply with the officer’s directions,  especially in regards to movements in and around a personal vehicle, the officer is going to take control of the situation.  His life depends on it, and possibly the lives of the citizens in general, and of the stopped party in particular.  If an officer gets to the point where he has to draw any sort of weapon, he has reached the point where he needs to and will use that weapon unless the suspect starts cooperating immediately. Is this so hard to understand?  What part of “you are under arrest, turn around and put your hands behind your back” don’t you understand?

This is the authority, the job, and the responsibility that we the people have entrusted to these men and women in law enforcement.  If you do not like the way they are doing their job, the proper channels are through the police public relations people and your elected officials, not by getting in an officer’s face and trying to dictate how they are going to do their job.  Mr. Fu wonders how Mr. Massey would feel were Mr. Fu to show up at his place of work and start telling him how to do his job?

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