Quote of the Day

From John Steakley‘s Armor:

Holly nodded,  looking at the request on the  screen in front of him. “Wants to be certain his daughter can claim North American Humanity Priviledge….”

Lya looked confused. “That’s the part I don’t understand,” she said. “He says he wants to be sure she’s a Texan.”

I laughed.  “Sugar, Texas is in North America.”

“It is?  I thought it was a planet!”  She shook her head.  “The way he talks about it….”


Armor is highly recommended.  It originally had cover art so cheesy that Mr. Fu never cracked the cover.  Turns out it’s true when they say, “Never judge a book by it’s cover.”   DEATHBRINGER told Mr. Fu to ignore the cover art and read the book.  Mr. Fu generally listens to DEATHBRINGER.  Armor is one of the great powered armor books of all time along with Heinlein‘s Starship Troopers and Haldeman‘s Forever War (speaking of ugly cover art, gah! perhaps not ugly, but not fitting the story).


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