Math and Geometry

When Mr. Fu was young and in school, he often wondered about the kids that asked teachers, “Why should I learn math?  I’m never going to use it.”

Even then Mr. Fu used math and geometry on a fairly regular basis, at the store, figuring out charges for lawn mowing, building things in the shop, et cetera.  Then Mr. Fu grew up determined to become an astrophysicist, became disenchanted with those in that line of work and the possibility of ever making a living at it (especially in a decent place), and went into the defense industry instead.  Mr. Fu was trained in math and geometry, he happens to use math and geometry extensively and makes a pretty decent living doing so.  Yes, math and geometry have been very, very good to Mr. Fu.

So kids, be like Mr. Fu, study hard, learn math and geometry so that one day you will make a lot of money, work in an air conditioned office, and earn a living by the sweat of your brain.  America needs more rocket scientists, sign up now!  You’ll be glad you did.


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