Grinding Away

Mr. Fu noticed the last post was some time ago. It is funny how life events can all conspire to drain away your free time, like someone pulled the stopper on the tub. And do children today understand that simile? There are some things that can pass away without much loss, bath tub stoppers are probably one of them. But time is precious and irreplaceable.

Speaking of precious, irreplaceable time, the Republican Presidential candidates debated last night. If we elected the Secretary of Homeland Security then Tom Tancredo would get my vote for that position. He was certainly on that message. “And how would you deal with the crisis in healthcare?” “I would close the border!” “How would you deal with the crisis in the price of turnips?” “I would close the border!” Mr. Fu likes Tanc, Mr. Fu likes his message, but he is just a bit more narrowly focused than Mr. Fu would want in a President.

Mr. Fu thought most of the candidates sounded weak and politiciany, and one was great on some issues and bat guano crazy on others (Ron Paul!). Fred Thompson was not as strong as he should have been, but he sounded a lot less socialistic than the non-insane candidates. There were lots of nibbling duck bits, like making everyone have health insurance and market protectionism, that turned the thing into mostly a debate among Democrats.

What the REPUBLICAN candidates (this means you Fred Thompson) should say when asked “What would you do about X?” is “Unless X is a interstate issue or an issue of national defense, as President I would try to get the Federal government out of the way so that the States and the People could solve X in the most efficient manner possible. Because it is not the Federal government’s job to handle X. Plus if the Federal government is involved then efficiency is not even a by-product.” The only one that really comes close to that is Ron Paul, but then he dives off into bat guano crazy land on half of the answers. Though with too many Americans being in the “cower in the corner, wait until I am shot, and hope the police get here to save me” mindset Mr. Fu does not believe that this message is sufficient to propel one to the Presidency. Hopefully Mr. Fu is, for once, incorrect.

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  1. kat42 said

    As a Nation, we don’t understand what we would have to lose since we always have had everything we’ve wanted. Even our poor are rich in the eyes of the world. By the way, if you think you’re poor, get on the internet and tour some of the countries around the world, and think about what you have. For most of us to want to fight for our core beliefs, we must lose our Rights, our Liberty and our Freedom. How often does a child get angry playing with his favorite toy? Not until that toy is taken will he show his temper and defiance. How far will the Government have to go in removing God from our Country, in letting illegals cross to OUR soil morphing America as their own corroded homeland. How much more money from OUR hard working men and women must be stolen from paychecks to pay for programs, illegals, welfare, and countless other favorites the Government “thinks” is a good idea before we get off our lazy rear ends and start fighting back? How much of our Freedom must be lost before we say “give my Country back to me”. What ever happened to motto’s like “Don’t tread on me”, “live free or die”. I think it is time to tell the “pig sloppers” in Washington to sell their stock because eminate domain is moving in and restoring Government back to the place it should never have left. And yes that means putting God back whether you like it or not. Don’t give me the bull about Church and State, we all know it’s not there, it was ONLY a LETTER written by I believe Thomas Jefferson. And didn’t he write the Declaration of Independence including God in the founding of America?
    If we don’t do something now, we will lose more than we bargain for. If a Republican wins, we will lose some. If a Democrat wins, then we someday may be having to fight for our lives one way or another.
    One voice does not carry far. But add another voice, and another. Before you know it, we can’t be ignored. Spread the word to haunt Washington over and over. Letters, calls, what ever it takes, we will not be ignored. They will have to get sick of us before they start to listen to us. We need to be the thorn in the side that hurts more that groups like “move on”. We need to be The United States of America… again.

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