Historical Perspective

The METAPHOR link-a-thon continues.  Why does Mr. Fu bother?  Probably because you do not tell him, “Stop!  We read Lileks already!”

I agree with Mr. Jones;  Human nature is immutable, damn the luck – although I suspect a great many of Mr. Jones’ prescriptions rely on its endless mutability – but the nature and quality of societies change, which is why Tony Blair left office on his feet instead of being dragged into the public square to have his bowels unspooled, and Mr. Jones himself – who believes Chaucer was assassinated for political reasons – can speak his mind without fearing for his life. Especially since he took the right side on the matter of the Crusades – those rude God-bothering popish maniacs blundering into the civilized gardens of Islam, ad [sic] so on.

What it is with these guys? You point out that America was the first nation to land on the moon, and they nod and say yes, well, the Sumerians first described the moon’s orbit 2000 years ago. Perhaps, but that’s like saying that marrying Sophia Loren is an equal accomplishment to watching her walk across the street. Historical perspective is one thing. But “nothing changes” is a sad gust of defeat. Things change, all right. Just wait.

There is probably a lot of popular sentiment for unspooling the intestines of politicians these days.  Several Republicans could join in for balance and as an object lesson.  Life, unlike the pronouncements of mathematicians (God love ’em), requires more than a simple declaration of “the solution exists.”  It is funny while so much is said about people wanting to maintain power, the people pointing this out from the Left rarely come to the conclusion that the solution to too much centralized power is the actual reduction of centralized power.  Making intestine unspooling a regular consequence of centralizing power would tend to limit those seeking to centralize power.


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