Fiftieth Anniversary for Sputnik

METAPHOR notes the 50th Anniversary for Sputnik:

Below you’ll find an actual recording of Sputnik flying overhead, terrorizing everyone with its crimson peeps.

And he does not mean the marshmellow candy either.  The link has audio, crappy 1950’s audio.  Obviously not everything was great in the 50’s.  There were a few technological developments to yet be made (even though stereo recordings were made in the 30’s the technology did not start to be used until the late 50’s).

But Sputnik was great, the greatest thing that the Godless Commies ever achieved.  They finally got something right without stealing it from us (first time for everything, and the exception that proves the rule) .  It so scared the beejeebers out of some people in the United States that they actually got off there asses to do something about the threat of global (and particularly Russian) communism (thank you ass getting off’ers freedom saving people). 

And what did we get out of the deal?  A nasty Cold War, including adventures in Vietnam and elsewhere, a Moon Race, an Arms Race, and ultimately DVD players.  Oh yes, and we kicked the Godless Commies right in the nut sack, ground them into powder economically and proved to everyone but the American Leftist Statists that communism / socialism / collectivism does not work.  But Hillary will try to keep pushing the camel’s nose into the tent, like the whole sinking (stinking?) SCHIP crap.  But other than our own retro-commies, everything is pretty great here in America after the Ruskies buried us like they promised.

Just goes to show you that you can never trust a Godless Commie.  Even worse are Godless Socialists, cause the try to pretend they are doing you a favor.  At least Godless Commies have the guts to come out and tell you they are going to stab you in the chest with their failed ideology.


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