Don’t They Like It Because

It’s not “warlike” and “barbaric?”  Aren’t all the soccer moms all for how non-violent the sport is?

Mr. Fu played keeper one year in college.  The sport can be violent if not well refereed.  That is how Mr. Fu became first string after the original keeper was intentionally kicked by two members of an opposing team while our keeper was on the ground covering the ball.  Coach was very keen on Mr. Fu giving back generously to the forwards on the Doane team that were responsible.  Let’s just say Mr. Fu did not draw the red card he should have.  And the opposing forwards spent the rest of the game taking shots from outside the penalty box.  Mr. Fu’s insanity was confirmed that season….

I believe PUNKTURE can relate stories of broken bones and concussions.  He had suffered so many concussions that even Mr. Fu’s kung fu was not sufficient to make attacks on pressure points on the left side of PUNKTURE’s head and neck affect him in any way.  There’s some serious dain bramage!

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