Who’s Alienating?

Some hyphenated British knight says that “stupid” male geek culture is discriminating against women, putting them off of technical careers, et cetera. In Mr. Fu’s experience the main thing that will put women off of a career in many technical fields, computer science, IT, physics, engineering, whatever, is becasue there are so few women in these fields that they get a lot of attention. This is likely bothersome, intimidating, and spot lights everything they do. It takes a stronger than average personality to operate under such conditions. But is it discrimination?

Some claim that women are discriminated against by geek culture. Mr. Fu does not know how much actual discrimination may or may not take place, but there will certainly be a lot of “oh look, a girl!” reactions. Kind of like Henrietta Hen after Foghorn Leghorn in reverse. But even if geek culture discriminates against women, where are the complaints and the fawning about the poor geeks who are discriminated against by women? Many geeks need to accumulate a lot of money for women take them seriously.

Before money:

After money:


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