Back Online

For an entire 24 hours the Fu Family was without internet connection in the home.  Mr. Fu had switched over to Knology from Comcast after Comcast could not seem to deliver a cable modem in less than two and a half months.  Knology was happy to deliver one via technician in about two weeks, so we signed up for that.

Ken the Technician wired and re-wired everything (he has a better crimper than Mr. Fu).  But he spent a good four hours failing at getting an internet connection.  The computer was picking up an IP address no problem, but no connection.  Ken the Technician was most aggrieved, apologized profusely, and at 2 PM promptly scooted off to his 10 AM installation.

Upon reviewing the connection, Mr. Fu realized he has seen this problem before and called the Knology service line.  Service Representative Jeff took down all the relevant contact information (though these guys are getting as bad as nurses pre-screening for doctors, nurses ask questions, write down answers, hand chart to doctor, who re-asks question and re-writes answers, only these guys get you account number in the automated systems, but the automated systems apparently do no connect to the service reps, who ask you for your account number, blah, blah, blah), checked to see if they could see the cable modem.  He could see it.  He pulled in the MAC address and the MAC address does not match the MAC address in the MAC address database for MAC addresses (which are vitally important in the Knology system).  Someone fat fingered it into the system.  Ken the Technician left Mr. Fu his number wanting to know what the solution was.  Mr. Fu is quite sure Ken the Technician will be unhappy to know that the solution was having the guy on the phone type in an ‘A’ instead of an ‘8’.  Service Representative Jeff apologized for the rookie mistake and was a most excellent person in all ways.

Mr. Fu then cloned the MAC address into the router, re-routed the ethernet connection, and BAM! the network is online.  Except for the computer that was attached to the cable modem directly.  Much rooting around finally revealed a cable of suitable length to snake along the walls and over doors in order to reach the unattached computer.  Mr. Fu figured he would put connectors on the cable he had run previously to the same location, which was now used as the model-router link, because if you are pulling one cable you might as well pull two. 

At 0441 hours this morning Mr. Fu awoke with the realization that there are only two computers wired to the router, and that the new modem-router link can link one computer and moving the router right next to the cable modem will allow the other computer to connect directly without the need to snake an ethernet cable all over the place.  Less wire and more available cables.  Winnage!

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