Cable and the Decline of Modern Man

Some cable is more equal than others perhaps.  Grand experiment, we tried Comcast for a while, then went to add cable internet to replace the DSL.  What a nightmare, they shipped the part, well, no they didn’t, well they can’t ship them, you have to pick them up from the local office, the local office does not give them out, they have to ship it, they would ship it, but they have none in stock, waiting, for months, while nobody seems to be able to fix the problem.

So back to Knology, try their bundled cable, internet and phone, knocking at least $50 a month off of what we are currently paying.  We will see if this experience is any better.  Phone and cable Mr. Fu could probably live without, but giving up the internet voluntarily would be a stretch.  Heh, what we get used to in our lives. Amazing to think that GRAND FU BAH used to plow a field with a mule, and now his son would not give up an electronic signaling device.  Well, he probably had something he would not have given up, fishing or hunting perhaps.  Far more practical than the internet, especially when you plow fields with a mule.


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