Terrorist Deaths

Frank J. thinks that the military ought to be the cause.

Now that I’ve logically proved that the U.S. military should kill terrorists, it seems strange that some people would want to pull troops out of the Middle East. That’s where the terrorists are!

Preach on!



  1. opit said

    Checked out the NIE ? The Prez was told Americans in Iraq would cause worse problems – by 16 American Intelligence Agencies.

  2. wilsonfu said

    The same Agencies that missed 9/11? So what are they good at their job, bad at their job, or hit and misS? Demonized on the one hand for missing 9/11 and then held up as good when they disagree with Bush? Interesting. Mr. Fu’s position is that they dropped the ball in both cases. Mr. Fu strives for consistancy.

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