Animal of the Day – 20070915

After reading about vegans Mr. Fu must balance it out with a quick look at the Animal of the Day, The Cow. While much made fun of by Gary Larson in The Far Side, these domesticated ungulates are to the modern American male what the bison was to the earlier American male (say what you want about the accuracy of Wikipedia, it’s damn convenient, and you can’t beat the price).

And the reason that burgers made from the cow do not taste awful is because cows are made of meat! Well, actually they are made of vegetables, which cows magically transform into meat. So really Mr. Fu is like a vegetarian once removed. That is why the cow gets a place among the great carnivores and predators. What would great carnivores and predators be without a source of meat? We would be nothing at all:

Bovinae sum, ergo sum.

Or something like that.

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