The Art of Intimidation

METAPHOR is unimpressed by the latest Osama video:

The video would have been more impressive if Osama had shot it at an outdoor cafe in a thriving, beautiful city whose economic, military, and artistic prowess shames the world, but as usual he’s probably coming to you from some hole where people have to crap in a bucket. It’s like Darth Vader saying “Join me, Luke” from some Tatooine outhouse – after Luke had lopped off his hand.

One often hears about the glories of the terrorist culture, but there is not much there there.  Even the historical examples fall short as most things cited were only preserved by the terrorist’s home culture, not actually produced by same. 

Mr. Fu was particularly amused at METAPHOR‘s mathematical knowledge and imagery:

I can understand how some people who find themselves cohabiting a portion of a Venn diagram with Osama would bristle at the notion that they are on his side, or like him in any way; if he said the sun rose in the East, that doesn’t mean that people who accept celestial mechanics are terrorists.

It is amusing to note that in METAPHOR‘s example how large intersecting set is.  The Venn diagram is often employed in the Fu World to address issues of inclusiveness.  Usually to illustrate the relationship of a person to the set of “Has A Clue.”

The intersection of the set of Osama’s latest effort with the set of intimidating things is the empty set.

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