One Suspected

Jeff at Protein Wisdom has an interesting article and commentary on a spot about the elimination of tag at an elementary school:

And let’s face it — not a single adult who endorses this kind of nannystate behavior was ever good at tag to begin with.

Yes.  Mr. Fu was never much good at tag in his younger days.  He needed time to develop the muscle mass necessary to move his unnaturally large frame.  His top speed flat out is still poor, though his acceleration is tremendous.  Which means he gets to a slow speed very quickly.  But it gives others an opportunity to excel.

“I can outrun Mr. Fu!”

Only in the short game.  Mr. Fu will catch up to you, possibly in a later ambushcade.

Tag, like many other children’s games, has great functionality in teaching survival skills.  Avoiding being hit or “tagged” is a good survival skill.  If they cannot hit you, they cannot kill you.  In like fashion hide and seek is another good skill builder.  If they cannot see you, they cannot hit you.  Too bad we do not have a better adult version of the game, Shun-The-Idiot-Commie-Do-Gooder.

Much of this debate will end if Mr. Fu’s program of introducing large man eating predators into urban settings is adopted.  Those complaining about children playing tag, and thus the ones bad at it, will be some of the first to be caught and consumed by roving tigers, bears, Utahraptors, and the like.  Utahraptors like to play Slash-And-Eat-The-Idiot-Commie-Do-Gooder.


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