Failed Programs Continue To Fail

Remember the good old days when the Constitution stomping Handgun, Inc. crowd would hold up Great Britian as the prime example of a nearly gun-free society?  Or the Leftists that predicted mass starvation if we passed welfare reform?  And now that Great Britian is as gun free as it is socialist,  where are the bleeding hearts and the anti-gun-pro-statist hacks when news of their beloved example England is not so good?

Mr. Fu does note that thankfully the Leftists have learned at least one lesson, to shut up about gun-control.  Mr. Fu suspects this is more from election losses and poll data than from the realization that gun-control does not work.  But at least they became silent on one topic.

UPDATE:  The Astute Bloggers have some interesting statistics on gun realted deaths in the U.S. versus Great Britain

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