Chief Prosecutor for Military Comissions On Guantanamo Bay

In the Yale Law Review.  Sounds fair, perhaps even too fair.  But no where near the Spanish Inquisition that the leftists want you to believe it is.  Then the Spanish Inquisition probably was no where near the Spanish Inquisition in our heads.  It was bad, but considering the historical context, not all that unusual.

Gitmo, unlike the early stages of the Inquisition, does not have any “true believers” in the sense that any action is justifiable if it leads to saving a soul from the fires of hell.  Mr. Fu would fear the “true believers” of the left far more than the “true believers” among the Christians.  At least for the Christians side they do not want you to go to hell.  Leftists do not believe in heaven or hell, so they can only serve the interests of the State.  And the interests of the State as run by the leftists are usually not in your best interests.

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