An Era Is Passing

Children, grap a hold on this  passing generation before they are but a tremendous memory.  Many Americans fail to understand their legacy, but your survival may depend on it.  And what sparked that:  Phil Rizzuto dies at 89.

Rizzuto was a flashy player who could always be counted on to steal a key base or make a diving catch in a lineup better known for its cornerstone sluggers. He played 13 seasons alongside the likes of Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle in a career interrupted by Navy service in World War II.

“He was a Yankee all the way,” Indians Hall of Famer Bob Feller said. “He knew the fundamentals of the game and he got 100 percent out of his ability. He played it hard and he played it fair.”

“If we’d had Rizzuto in Boston, we’d have won all those pennants instead of New York,” Williams often said.

Geez, it would nice sweet if we all lived up to our potential and were remembered so well. (Hat tip to Wizbang)

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