Another evening, not so much dirt moving as dirt smoothing.  Though muscling the drag box around the yard leveling it all out was just as bad as moving it.  A decent night’s sleep, and somehow the stairs are easier today.  It will be a good day. 

No great philosophical insights (no surprise), but it is interesting how your mind wanders when you are performing an intensely physically task that does not demand much mental attention.  This supports Mr. Fu’s theory that most grand conspiracy theories on politics, money, and world domination by shadowy groups are conceived by ditch-diggers and such.  Not the there is anything wrong with ditch digging and such, all work is honorable when done well.  But it is just interesting that many of the vast thinkers of conspiracies are not exactly the most educated among us, having little experience in international banking or shadow governments. 

Mr. Fu speculates this is an offshoot of the leftist victimhood mentality.  When you are in the bottom of a hole (literally), you are feeling unappreciated, and think that you should be doing better, it is easy to think that the reason you are not doing better than being at the bottom of a hole is that some vast something-wing conspiracy is conspiring to put you and keep you in that hole.  Because obviously the black helicopters dug the hole, the Grey’s captured you while you were asleep, the Bavarian Illuminati needed someone in a hole, and presto, you are in a hole.  It could not be that the path upon which you were placed and the choices you made along the line lead you to dig and jump into that hole.

Not that there are not power hungry people, and that others fall under their wheels grinding their way to the top.  As Gibbon so eloquently put it on page 115 of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

Of all our passions and appetites, the love of power is of the most imperious and unsociable nature, since the pride of one man requires the submission of the multitude. In the tumult of civil discord, the laws of society lose their force, and their place is seldom supplied by those of humanity. The ardor of contention, the pride of victory, the despair of success, the memory of past injuries, and the fear of future dangers, all contribute to inflame the mind, and to silence the voice of pity.

Anyway, it may seem that Israel and the CIA are out to get you, but Mr. Fu doubts they really pay any attention to you at all.  Except to laugh….


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