Dirt Moving

Mr. Fu spent entirely too much of the weekend moving dirt around the yard.  Now comes the leveling / smoothing part.  A bit more exacting, but less taxing.  Soon Phase 3.5 of the dirt re-location project will be complete.

On other fronts, we went shopping for the last of the school supplies for NURSE BETTY and CLONE RED.   Alabama was enjoying a tax free holiday on school related items.  A break for the people and a boost for business (which is another break for the people).   Looks like many computers were purchased, the tax breaks were even available with at least some online dealers (notably Dell).  Some witnessed people pruchasing computers that were obviously not students themselves, though perhaps they had grandchildren (or great grandchildren) in school.

THE KAT continues her tour of southern California.  She will be returning with SWEET THING and PROTEIN CRANIUM on Wednesday, via truck and automobile.  They will take the grand tour of the southern states.  THE KAT was hoping to stop at the Grand Canyon, but Mr. Fu would prefer to fly to Vegas sometime and drive down from there, having never approached the great hole in the ground from a northernly direction.

DIM MAK came down for a visit Friday evening.  He is studying for quals and will finish by the end of the week, sealing his fate forever.  Well, his fate was already sealed, he will be coming to work with Mr. Fu eventually, by force if necessary.  It is for his own good.  We had a nice visit, and made a significant dent in the BBQ supply of the greater Rocket City area.  Mr. Fu officially endorses Golden Rule as the BBQ of choice in Northern Alabama.  He would endorse it as the best BBQ of all time, but that honor so far goes to the Kona Ranch in Oklahome City (and it was a surprise, and Okies are OK, actually, they are superb).

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