Animal of the Day – 20070724

The American Bald Eagle, national bird of the United States of America, symbol of our great nation, and bird of prey.  <sigh> Mr. Fu pauses while the Star Spangled Banner plays in his head.  <Sousa> And now the Liberty Bell March.  </Sousa>  Then the musical interlude passed…..

Mr. Fu has been pleased to note that over the years the Bald Eagle has increased in population along the Missouri and Platte Rivers of his native Nebraska.  TUFF McFu was know to fly along with the eagles along the Platte during his days as a Huey pilot.  The birds have become quite a tourist attraction.

More could be said, but the carnivore speaks for itself.

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  1. jamessan said

    Eagles are obviously the superior animal, they can destroy just about anything, including polar bears and tanks. I don’t see why we haven’t started using these instead of nukes and what not. Then again headlines would start popping up everywhere talking about other countries owning EMDs (Eagles of Mass Destruction).

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