Animal of the Day – 20070718

Perhaps this should be an Animal of the Week feature instead based on posting frequency?  Bah!

The animal of the day is the American Badger.  Ha, Mr. Fu’s favorite line from the regular Badger article:

Aside from Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) and Humans (Homo Sapiens), Badgers are thought to be the only animals which attack without provocation.

Wow, if a regular badger is aggressive, you can bet that irregular badgers are even more so. 

Mr. Fu advocates the breeding and distribution of badgers to all urban areas, at a ratio of one badger per one thousand people.  That will help eliminate some useless thinking and day dreaming when you have to pay attention to the next badger attack, around the corner.  And it will be illegal to shoot these badgers, only approved badger sticks or bare hands would be allowed in defending yourself against the badgers.  That should also contribute to the exercise program of several Americans.  Perhaps we could introduce polar bears at the ratio of one per 10,000?  Mr. Fu supposes firearms would have to be allowed then.

Think of the fun this could generate!  Because badgers are fun.  Oooo, snakes would be good to add to the mix as well.  Perhaps cottonmouths (Agkistrodon piscivorus)?  They motivate because they are aggressive and a bit bitey.

UPDATE:  The computer guy just objected to having inappropriate pictures on a work computer.  Mr. Fu reponded, “You idiot, that’s a badger not a beaver!”

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