Day Two

Day two on the job.  Mr. Fu remembers when we numbered days back during the Carter Administration.   We numbered them to keep track of how many days our embassy personnel were held in captivity in Tehran.  It also served to count the remaining days of the Carter Administration.   The Iranians released our personnel moments after Ronald Reagan was sworn into office.  They rightly concluded that while they could push Carter around, Reagan was going to be a whole ‘nother animal.

With all of Carter’s posturing and anti-Semitism, one wonders why people do not just ask him, “Hey, how are your negotiations with the Iranians going?  When will they release the hostages?”  That ought to cut him off.

Anyway, Mr. Fu is learning more about his role in the grand scheme of things regarding his new position.  It has been very good to see old friends and work friends, the atmosphere of warm welcome is very nice.  Hopefully the bureaucratic wheels will make their inevitable turns and generate access to the post once again.  Then real work can begin.

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