Links to Try

Infidels are Cool – Oh boy are we!

Leibowitz’s Canticle – Interesting, but not the guy from the book.  I don’t even think his wife is named Emma.

The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles – Were there monkeys?  Terrible space monkeys?  He is an old link that I am finally getting back to reading.  He also hangs with Frank J. at:

IMAO – Home of Frank J. and the delightful Fred Thompson facts….

Hatless in Hattiesburg – Only a short drive away from where GRAND FU BAH grew up.  But in his day it took a bit on horseback.  Though eventually the Model T cut down on the transit time.

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy – a local gal who may be a shadow government like Mr. Fu.

Bill’s Bites – You better bet he can learn some new tricks.

The Lasso of Truth – Conservative in Canada?  Maybe it’s a trend.


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