Nothing Touched Me

And made me whole.  Dinesh D’Souza angers several atheists when he questions the lack of atheist participation in the comfort of the grieving. Is D’Souza’s timing a little to close to be asking such questions and really taking advantage of a tragedy?  Perhaps.

Atheist anger is kind of interesting (does the anger serve some evolutionary purpose?).  But there does seem to be a lack of coordinated effort by atheists in humanitarian (snicker*) causes.  Like when was the last time you visited a sick friend in the Atheist Hospital?  Or met a recovering alcoholic whose life was changed by disbelief in a higher power?

Argue what you will about the existence of God, but if you balance the anecdotal evidence of the number of lives positively impacted by atheistic teachings versus those positively impacted by Christian teachings I think far more would pile up on the “God exists” side.  So if God does not exist, why are so many people’s lives changed for the better by a figment of their imagination?

*snicker, from the old line: If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

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