Nifong’s Mob Connections

 Sounds like Nifongg’s handling of the stripper rape case nearly incited a mob:

On the same day, Nifong started a media offensive. The News & Observer had broken the story of the team giving DNA samples and then published an interview with Mangum. Activists and neighborhood residents had responded with two protests outside the house where three lacrosse captains lived: a candlelight vigil and a raucous affair where protesters banged pots and held signs that read “Castrate” and “Get a Conscience, Not a Lawyer.”

There are many lessons to be re-enforced and many unseemly behaviors seen in this story.  Lessons to be re-enforced: 1) “innocent until proven guilty” protects the accused, 2) for “innocent until proven guilty” to avoid a mob scene the populace needs to be confident that justice will be done, 3) prosecutors and defense counsel should be compelled to keep their mouths shut until a public trial, 4) if you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas, in that if the accused had not been attending a party characterized with such ill conceived activities as hiring strippers, then there would have been far less opportunity for them to be accused of rape.

Unseemly behaviors: 1) abusing a position of authority for personal gain, in Nifong trying to use this case to boost his election campaign, 2) class envy in assuming the accused were guilty by virtue of their socio-economic status, 3) the assumption that the accuser was truthful without a complete investigation being completed, 4) mob actions of intimidation and disturbing the peace.

There are more issues involved here, but these are enough to consider for some time.

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