Pirates in Vogue?

Given the last round of Iranian piracy against the Royal Navy and the underwhelming condemnation of the same, Mr. Fu wonders if the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean had anything to do with the ho-hum reaction?  Pirates are romantic figures now, not savage brigands dealing in death and blunder.  Mr. Fu expects we will be seeing more Iranians with eye patches now.

Mr. Fu cannot be the only one that thought some romanticized Teddy Roosevelt response would have been better.  An ultimatum of return of the hostages in four hours or else.  And then the or else was a complete bombardment of all oil fields, processing facilities, and refineries, plus the mining of all Iranian ports and the sinking of all Iranian ships at sea.  And then a politely phrased request like, “Would you give our people back now, please?”

As Churchill said, “When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite.”

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