Movie Blather – Mr. and Mrs. Smith

THE KAT and I sat down and watched this one last night, at my request.  I had several good reports on the movie, but due to old bias against Brad Pitt, and current bias against Angelina Jolie, I was not all that hopeful.  That may have clouded my whole perception of the film, but I would like to have at least the time spent watching the first half of the movie back.  Somewhat remiscent of Prizzi’s Honor and even Spykids the story line was obvious, two assassins meet, get married, and lead double lives.

Given the previous treatment I was surprised at the lack of real character development.  They are both cold assassin types with few quirks and basic cover story occupations.  A lot of time is spend building up the point that the marriage is or has failed, only to get to the point where they finally start shooting at each other.  I was pretty bored with the whole thing until they started shooting at each other around the house.

I would have paced the whole thing differently.  I would have pulled a Tarentino on this one and split up the timeline.  I would have started with them talking to the therapist together, gone to the desert shooting, back to the therapist separately, discover that they were both gunning for each other, then proceed to interleave past scenes with the running battles with their employers.  Just a thought.

If you are a fan of the stars you will probably like it more than I did.  It has more potential than actuality IMO.

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