Hazey Perception of Time Passing

One fireplace demolished, with some help from the new Makita reciprocating saw, the upstairs closet has shelves, but no bi-fold door (yet), many other smaller tasks done, an irritating wireless USB connector that will not connect, fireworks destroyed in puffs of smoke and a flash of light, fluorescent lights replaced, all accomplished since the last post.  Removing the fireplace turned into such a chore on Saturday that by Sunday I was ill.  But a hot bath and a rest did get that fixed and the rest of the day wound out all right.

Even shoehorned (does anyone know what a shoehorn is these days?) in a few more Firefly episodes.  War Stories demonstrates why Fireflywas the greatest sci-fi show since Babylon 5 and Star Trek: The Original (Only) Series, no matter what the drama, there was always some humor to be found in the show.  Hard to think that you could laugh while watching two guys get tortured with electric shocks, but Mal and Wash arguing and seeming to be irritated that their argument was being interrupted by the torture did turn out to be oddly funny.  Just a dang good show.  Go watch it.

Anyway, back at the paying job.  Much bureaucracy battling, e-mailing, and phone message leaving, all in a day’s work of keeping various managers from plowing under various geeks or nerds while moving to the ultimate goal of something.  That something differs from person to person, and in the grand order of things is probably not the something with which any one of them should have been concerned.  But heck, it wouldn’t be much of a life if you didn’t get blindsided and knocked flat, at least occasionally.

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